Falling Into You

I have a new single out called Falling Into You. You can check it out on my playlist on the left on Spotify. Or on any music store here 

This was the first recording session I'd done for my own work outside England, and, by coincidence, the trip occurred just before the spread of COVID-19 in Europe and the restrictions we now experience. I went to Berlin at the end of January, and met up with Joshcka Bender via an intro from my friend Sarah (Bryde). The day before the session I walked the route of the Berlin Wall with my old friend Oliver. We went in from the suburbs to the Reichstag. I was weak at the time because I had just recovered from a bad fever and cough, which had left me exhausted (Sound familiar? I have wondered, there's a reasonable possibility.) Oliver said the walk would be 3 hours, but it ended up more like 6 and took in at least 10 miles. I had a sprained ankle just from walking. At one point we stopped in a cafe and I remember reading on my phone that they had identified the first suspected Coronavirus case in Berlin. I guess I'll always remember that moment, it seems a long way from that day to now.

The song was written the next day, in 3 hours flat. When I arrived at the studio Joshcka made me some coffee and we listened to a beat he had going. I put some chords to it on the guitar, and we debated the changes and then recorded the chords on his immense analogue synth collection. I came up with a guide vocal, we replaced the synth with some guitar. Then in a 5 minute break I rewrote the verse melody. It was a bit high to sing, so we e changed the key, dropping it down from E minor to D minor. Did a take of the vocal (which ended up being the vocal). And then we needed a middle 8 so we came up with my favourite chord sequence in the whole song.

I don't know why I wrote all that, sometimes it's just nice to remember. If you made it through all that then I hope you enjoy the song!