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The next album, Upwards of Summer, almost didn't get made. Last year left me exhausted and unsure if I even wanted to carry on making music. But back from tour I started writing a little, just picking up the guitar and seeing what was there, playing for fun, with no immediate intention of recording these songs. One of the key things that changed all that was booking in for a tentative demo weekend with my band at Margo​'s Hermitage Works Studios​. Everything came together in a was really exciting. 

The studio is a funny place - an extremely artificial environment where people go to express something very real. I wanted to celebrate that in the video for "Take Your Mind Back". There's a whole strand of music video made in the 80's that encapsulates this. The videos purport to be straight performances of the actual take. But they are hilariously fake, with bad acting, cymbal zooms, pans and close ups. Notable examples include Womack and Womack's "Teardrops", Charlie Sexton's "Beat's so Lonely" and Eddie Murphy's "Party All the Time". Nodding to these was my way of celebrating the studio and the role it had in making me want to keep going.