Really, Really Beautiful ” - Lauren Laverne

Ralegh Long is a Songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and composer whose music has been featured in film and television shows across the world.

His debut album Hoverance (2015) drew comparisons to Nick Drake, and acclaim from Lauren Laverne and The Guardian for its "twilit ambience" and "spooky pastoralism".

His second album, Upwards of Summer (2017) won the support of Elton John.

In parallel, Long co-wrote the scores for the Will Sharpe and Tom Kingsley-directed BAFTA-nominated films Black Pond and The Darkest Universe

In the 2020s he moved further into film and television work, scoring the hit BBC TV show Ghosts and contributing original songs to shows such as Disney+'s Big Shot  and Netflix's Somebody Feed Phil, as well as launching his solo piano project Kyūka which is featured on Spotify's Peaceful Piano and Apple's Piano Chill playlists.